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me - my mental health

Me - My Mental Health is an Android app that aims to help you keep track of your moods. With a built in mood diary, you can jot down your thoughts. Me - My Mental Health is a place where you can store your thoughts securely - they never ever leave the device. 

A place to find the resources that you need - Me - My Mental Health has a collection of national helplines (only certain countries), with a constantly updated list. 

Breathe aims to help you calm down in stressful situations. Simply hold the button, and breathe with the beautiful animation.


mood diary

With Me - My Mental Health, we aimed to make it simple to keep track of your day to day moods. With different diary types, you can express yourself however you like. 

You can even rate your day or add a color to it! Express yourself however you like. Was it a 4 star day? Where you feeling grateful? Jot it down so you can look back.

We tried to add features that could link this back to everyday life, that's why we added the ability to add a location and current weather right from the app. These are completely optional. We can even show you your calendar events from the day if you want! 



Breathe is a simple feature to help you breathe, who would have guessed? Simply hold the button and breathe with the animation that is displayed.



A center for resources, helplines are built right into the app. Simply choose your country and Me will display a list of national helplines, along with contact information and information on the services that they provide.

At the moment, we support 9 countries. You can help us! Through the app, you can suggest new helplines to add to the service. We thrive to get more information into the app so that we can help people as much as possible.


trusted contacts

Do you have a special someone who you call when you need a chat? Add them to your trusted contacts and they will just be a little click away to get into contact with them as soon as possible.


security & privacy

Security and privacy are fundamental to Me - My Mental Health. All the information that you input into the app is yours, it never ever leave your device and touch our systems. We believe that the information that you put into the app is private - so it should remain that way. 

Add a PIN to your diary, secure it with a fingerprint, keep your information safe to ensure that nobody has physical access to your diary.


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