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recipe keep


Recipe Keep provides users with a simple way of storing your favourite recipes. With a built in converter, you don't even have leave the app to make sure that your measurements are perfect for your dish.

Nutrition Checker allows you to find out facts about your foods right from the barcode of the product. You can even find out information about your pets foods too! It will even help you detect allergens that are present in the food to help you avoid foods that might not agree with you! 

A built in shopping list allows you to keep track of the things that you need for that perfect meal. You can even add items right from Nutrition checker! 

me - my mental health


Me - My Mental Health is there to help you get through a tough time. With a useful mood diary that can help you keep track of different aspects of your day such as location, how you are feeling and even a rating for the day - all optional. 

Breathe is there to calm you down. Simply hold the button and breathe with the animation to help you calm right down and control your breathing. 

With the inclusion of national helplines*, you can find the helpline for you when you need it. With constant updates to the list of helplines that are present in the app - you will be able to find just what you need.

*Please note, not all countries are included. We are working to get this list expanded, and you can help through the app!

food keep


Food Keep is a simple app to help you be more informed about the foods you are eating. Simply scan the barcode of a product and you will find out more information about it. 

Keep track of your daily intakes, with a food diary that works with Open Food Facts you can keep track of your diet. We even added charts so that you can see what you are doing visually.

With a simple diet analysis, Food Keep can tell you what days you consume the most nutriments, on a yearly basis, or simply by the current month.

Please note: this application is no longer maintained

accounts for revolut

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