How we show ads in Me - My Mental Health

As the developers of Me - My Mental Health for Android, we are aware that our users do not want to be bombarded with advertisements for things that they may have searched across the web. In this blog post, we will be going into details on how we implement ads, and what we look out for and block from being shown in the app. 

How do we implement ads?

We used Google's AdMob to implement ads. This platform allows for quick and safe delivery of adverts to Me - My Mental Health.

But why?

As the sole-developer of Me - My Mental Health, I wish to keep the app free for life, and due to this, we need to add ads into the app to ensure that we can cover the development costs. 

How we look out for our users with the ads

We have very carefully sieved through the list of ad subjects that can be provided to the application. This makes ads slightly less relevant to the user, but the trade off means that you do not see adverts that may have a negative impact on you. Such subject include the exclusion of: weight loss, religion, body modification and a lot more that we feel that our users do not need to see. If you come across an ad that you do not think should be there, let us know through the app and we will look into blocking the subject.


Due to GDPR changes, we now give the user the choice to see relevant ads or not with in Me - My Mental Health. You will see an toggle for this option in the General settings of the application. Please note that the same rules above apply to relevant or non-relevant advertisements in the application.