Recipe Keep Got a Makeover

Over the past few months, Recipe Keep has been completely rebuilt, with not one bit of the app not touched in the redesign. We cleared out the bugs, cleaned up the mess and organised your recipes in a better way that everyone can appreciate.


Recipe Keep Accounts

We introduced Recipe Keep accounts to future proof the application. At the moment, backup is not possible with Recipe Keep - This is coming in the future and we are super excited about it.



A brand new recent recipes section allows you to find the recipes that you have just added!

Set this to show the amount that you want to customize Recipe Keep to show just want you want it to show you.

Recents gives you easy access to all of your recipes.



Along with a redesign to the Recents look, we redesigned the Library to ensure that you have easy access to all of your recipes - not just your recents.

With the ability to sort these the way you like, and search for the right recipe, Library will help you find exactly what you are looking for to make the meal just right.



Recipes got an upgrade! You will notice now that there are three tabs. We broke up the information so that you only see what you are looking for. 

Info, instructions and notes can be found along the new bottom bar of the app. We organised this information so that you are not overwhelmed with information!

With Shopping List integration, we can even add the ingredients of your recipe right into your Shopping List!


Nutrition Checker

Nutrition Checker got some loving, with more information on display to give you. 

Powered by Open Food Facts, Nutrition Checker allows you to look into the characteristics, ingredients, trace ingredients and nutriments of a product.

Didn't find the product you are looking for on Nutrition Checker? Help Open Food Facts by adding this through the app! This also helps improve Recipe Keep for future scans.

Best new feature? You can now scan pet foods and get information provided by Open Pet Food Facts. Why not find out what your pets eat too?


Shopping List

Speaking of Shopping Lists... We upgraded that too! Redesigned to fit right in with the rest of Recipe Keep and integrated deep into each aspect of Recipe Keep - from your recipes, to Nutrition Checker.

Recipe Keep's Shopping List will even keep track of where you added the product from. Did you add the product from a recipe? Simply click on the recipe name to get back to that recipe. Added it from Nutrition Checker? Click the Nutrition Checker button to go back to that product!

You can even share the parts of your shopping list that you want to - you don't have to send the whole list.


Unit Converter

We felt that the old unit converter in Recipe Keep was a bit awkward to use, and definitely an eye sore. So we cleaned it up, we gave it Kelvin conversions and sent it right back to you. 

Need to go from celsius to fahrenheit? How about US gallons to imperial gallons? Recipe Keep has you covered with an exhaustive list of units to convert between.

Are we missing something that you use? Let us know so that we can add it for you! Use the "send feedback" section of the application.


Along with all the features that we redesigned above, we fixed approximately 100 bugs that were plaguing Recipe Keep. We won't bore you with those details. Just know that Recipe Keep is now more stable than ever and much more enjoyable!

Recipe Keep is now available on Google Play. We look forward to hearing what you have to say!