Me + Calendar = <3

There is a new update available! We made it so that you can view your calendar entries in your text posts! This is entirely optional and you can disable it in the settings of the app!

But why would we want this?

The reasoning behind this feature is to draw more attention to the real world. Did you have a good day? Surprise! It's your birthday. Did you have a bad day? Surprise! Your friend moved away. We feel that it is important to recognise what is going on in the real world in relation to how you are feeling.


See your calendar events within the text entries of your mood diary.

This gives you some useful information about the event, such as which calendar it comes from. checking on the location pin allows you to open this event in Google Maps, to show you the location of the event. You can even access the original event in your default calendar from inside the app.

Two permissions needed to be added to the app for this feature to be implemented, please note them below.


Please note that we do not share any of the information that is used within Me. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

Other changes in this version...

  • We resized some fonts to make them stand out a bit more
  • Updated the permissions explained page to reflect new permissions that were added
  • Added new setting for enabling of calendar events within text entries
  • Fixed Me-226 and made an alert title 100% more friendly
  • Changed Me-207 and made the feeling dialog show if there is no feeling set on saving of entry
  • Updated text strings
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