Working on the look!

We have an update ready for you! This update brings some improvements to the look of the app as well as a few bug fixes. They are detailed below. This update is now available on Google Play. Make sure that you have automatic updates turned on to keep up to date with the latest versions of Me.


  • You can now choose the font size that your text entries are displayed in
  • A round icon for supported launchers
  • A new check for network connectivity before sending you to an external link


  • Changed the size of the default icon
  • Updated a lot of in-app pop ups to a new look. This is very much in progress and more is coming soon.


  • Me-74 - fixed the issue with MyShares not being deleted from the MyShares list after being deleted from the app
  • Me-206 - fixed the achievements list showing icons that were too small
  • Me-252 - fixed profile pictures not being viewable in your profile
  • Me-253 - improved the file viewer dialog to be more informative
  • Me-262 - fixed the issue with general settings being inaccessible 
  • Me-263 - fixed achievements not being checked at the right time
  • Me-264 - fixed color of the username dialog not being the right color

Along with a bunch of other changes and improvements to the background code. 

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