Now With 100% More Profiles

After a little bit of dryness in the updates department, we have an update! This update brings a few background changes but also some changes for you!

This update brings a tonne of background changes for future upcoming features. But these changes also helps with improving the apps for the immediate time too!

We have added Profiles! Profiles is a new section of the application that allows you to add a photo and your name. This is also the new home of your statistics, were you can easily view them! We have major plans for this section and are very excited with the future plans and hope that you like them too when they come around.

We added a new permission to the app, the CAMERA permission is there to allow you to take your own picture and use it as your profile picture. We would recommend allowing this but it is entirely up to you! We updated the permissions explanations inside the app to reflect this new permission.

We made some interface changes, this is currently work in progress and aims to bring more consistency to the overall feel of the app. Keep an eye out on more and more changes in the future.

Please note that there is a known issue with the using photos from Google Photos making the app crash. We are working to fix this.

We fixed some bugs! Not too many, but they're listed below:

  • Me-214 - the Trusted Contact button no longer appears in helplines if the feature is not active
  • Me-244 - we added more information to the dismissing of the helpline alert
  • Me-245 - fingerprint authentication can now be turned off in the settings

You can download the update now on Google Play.

Get it on Google Play