The Future of Recipe Keep

Work on Recipe Keep started back in November 2016 as an idea for a friend with the intent of being a college assignment. I have learned a lot from my time working on Recipe Keep that has been retrofitted into some of my older applications to make them run better. Recipe Keep grew to more than a college project, it was a product that I was proud to have made and to show the world. Recipe Keep was first launched on the Google Play Store on November 9th 2015.

Though download numbers are not the best, I will keep updating Recipe Keep, improving the user experience to the best of my ability as well as adding useful features along the way. Though my aim with Recipe Keep was never to make much money off it, there was a need to add advertisements into the application in order to fund development of the application. All revenue from advertising and in app ad removal goes into a fund to broaden Recipe Keep abilities. 

The next step in Recipe Keep development is going to concentrate on making the app look more appealing. an overhaul of the user interface is in order to bring Recipe Keep back up to Android standards. Making the app more social is going to be a challenge considering how the app is built, though reworkings are underway to make sharing with friends much easier.

To follow the progress of Recipe Keep, you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter where I regularly post about updates to the application. Watch this space for updates on new features that are upcoming in Recipe Keep!

For those of you who have downloaded the app, thank you.

Alternatively you can download it through the Google Play Store.

Thank you for your support,