Recipe Keep is One!

Recipe Keep is 1 year old today! And to celebrate, here is a big update that is available today! From Home Screen Shortcuts, through Colored Recipes and a new Dark Mode. Recipe Keep got easier to customise to your own taste.

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Home Screen Shortcuts

It's easier than ever to get to your recipes with home screen shortcuts. Simply go into a recipe, click the menu and hit Add to Home Screen to add a shortcut to your recipe on the home screen of your device.

Colored Recipes

Now you can personalise your recipes even more. With new Colored Recipes, you have 16,777,216 colors to choose from and make Recipe Keep your very own.

Dark Mode

For users that have sensitive eyes, or just prefer Dark Mode, we have you covered. Recipe Keep now has an easy to toggle Dark Mode!

Shopping List

Keep track of the ingredients that you need to buy in the supermarket, easily add ingredients from your recipes into the new built in Shopping List.

¡Hola España!

Do you speak SpanishRecipe Keep now speaks your language. Recipe Keep is also available in french.

Recipe Descriptions

Instead of storing all the information about a recipe in the notes section of a recipe, just add them into the new Description field!

Minor Additions

  • A new Refresh button on the web recipe viewer
  • New pop out image viewer to view images directly from the main lists 
  • Changed the look of the navigation bar
  • Holding on a recipe now allows you to add a recipe to a collection
  • Added Gas Mark as a conversion option
  • "Report a problem" is now a menu option
  • Nutrition Checker now tells you if a food is not vegan, vegetarian, lactose or gluten free


Download now from the Google Play store or the Amazon store.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed user not being warned when exiting a recipe without saving changes
  • Fixed instructions title being shown even if there are no instructions 
  • Removed redundant images
  • Fixed images being added in the wrong orientation
  • Fixed low resolution icons, added new higher resolution icons
  • Fixed user not being able to add image into a recipe
  • Fixed bugs with editing recipe freezing when removing a previous instruction
  • Removed smallcaps from titles when displaying a recipe
  • Removed standalone image viewer
  • Removed requirements to save ingredients with a recipe
  • Recipe image is no longer in the toolbar, now below the toolbar
  • Accessibility improvements